Why The Language School?

Why The Language School?


A special note from our director and founder, David E Stevens III

The Language School’s Commitment to Quality Conversational Spanish and English Programs

In 2005, my college hired me to tutor students that were struggling to pass their Spanish classes because I was an excellent student and tended to get the highest grades in my classes. The truth is, I wasn’t a particularly smart Spanish student myself. I certainly struggled with it, and actually had to repeat my beginner and intermediate level classes a time or two.

So how did I go from struggling with Spanish to becoming my college’s top Spanish student and teaching it, and later founding Denver’s highest rated language school?


The biggest difference was that I was incredibly dedicated to my studies, and never gave up, despite my own frustrations with learning the new language. All in all, I studied in 10 different schools and in 5 different countries. I only enjoyed one of those programs.

After high school, and before going to college, I spent a couple of years living in a highly Hispanic neighborhood and working in construction, where almost everybody spoke Spanish, so I realized how important speaking Spanish was. That is really the only reason I kept going. Living in the US, we have so much immigration from Spanish speaking countries, I knew at some point speaking both Spanish and English would give me a great advantage, so I stuck with it.

Along the way, I taught myself a few tips and tricks that helped me study Spanish and make sense of it all, which are now included in this free online workshop I created, which you can access here:

5 Easy Steps to Speak Spanish with Confidence.

Eventually, I became competent and confident enough with Spanish to start helping others learning it. When I started tutoring Spanish, time and time again, I worked with pretty good students that were lost in the complexity of the grammar and tenses, as I once had been. Furthermore, the academic college program was extremely demanding and fast-paced. Another key component I observed was that the students I was working with were frustrated that they weren’t speaking Spanish, they were only learning how to read and write it.

What I realized from my experiences of trying to learn how to speak Spanish, and later tutoring it, is that the program makes a huge difference. Learning a new language can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience, or it can be an overwhelming and humiliating experience. If the program is the right combination of conversation, culture, and goes at a good pace for you, you will probably start speaking the new language at some point.

That is why I am writing today, to let you know about our commitment to creating quality conversational English and Spanish programs. From our perspective, speaking the new language with confidence is the primary goal of our program, so we are dedicated to helping you speak a new language as fast as possible. Our teachers Frances, Megan, and Pedro, and myself are all currently reviewing and drastically improving our presentations and books to help improve the flow of the material, make it easier to understand, and help you the student enjoy your experience with us.

On average, our current students study with us for 1.66 years. Our goal is to improve the experience so much that our students stay with us for at least 2 years.

How are we doing this?

1.) After each level, our students are asked to fill out an evaluation to let us know how their experience was and what they would like to see in future classes. This feedback helps us personalize the classes for you, so you are learning what you want to learn.

2.) Internally, we have created a teacher and course evaluation that our program administrators use to evaluate our teachers and the materials. Doing this holds our teachers to our high standards for success, and helps us improve our teaching materials.

3.) We are constantly publishing new books and optimizing the class presentations. Based off of the combined feedback we get from our students and our teachers, we are meeting weekly as a team and improving the program.

What this means for our students:

Ultimately, this means that our programs are going to continue to improve. If you are currently studying with us, please make sure to provide us with your feedback and tell us how we can do better. If it has been a while since you studied with us, come back – you will find it even better than the last time. Finally, if you have been on the fence about studying with us, I hope reading about our commitment to creating quality conversational English and Spanish programs will encourage you to sign up for a course with us!



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