The Coronavirus has caused us to close our physical doors to in-person classes for an undefined amount of time.

As a business owner, and teacher, this has been really hard for me to come to terms with.

Several weeks ago, I was faced with a really hard decision: Close The Language School or go online permanently.

We can not legally, safely, or responsibly continue to operate with our small group classes, and what we would have to charge for private in person lessons is ridiculous. It’s not just that we can only have 1 student in the classroom now, but we would also have to hire a professional sanitation crew to come in a do a deep cleaning every night, as well as have our teachers do thorough wipe down of classrooms before and after each class. So on top of everything, our costs would go way up.

I’m still a teacher, and my life mission is dedicated to helping people unlock their full potential by improving their communication skills between Spanish and English speakers, so I decided that going online was the best choice.

Now that I’ve gotten comfortable with this decision, there are some really excellent things that are coming from it.

I’ve been recording lessons for the past 2 months, and have created an online library of 15 hours of our Spanish classes, that students can now watch On Demand.

I’ve also created an interactive language learning platform for my students to do homework, and it’s actually better than what we did before. Before this virus hit us, students did their homework in the “Let’s Start Talking! Spanish Foundations 1 book that I published, and we would review the homework together at the start of class every week.

Now, through this online platform, students can do their homework and our teachers get notified instantly. We can then immediately go into the system and correct it, and it’s much more interactive, on a more constant basis throughout the week.

This also means that we don’t spend class time reviewing homework – we just start talking when we see each other online now!

Now, after much consideration, and because of all of the wonderful comments I’ve been receiving from students from all over the country, I’ve decided to allow access to this platform for only $97.

That’s right – the cost of learning how to speak Spanish has gone way down.

This course, which is still available through live classes for $997, is now available On Demand for 90% off of the regular price!

Click here to learn more about this special, limited time offer, or keep reading my latest article about 3 Common Mistakes That Language Learners Make:

PS – Did you know that you can register online? It’s simple…visit this page:

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My life mission is dedicated to helping people unlock their full potential through education, communication, and spiritual growth, which will have a positive impact on our world and strengthen our local communities. I'm a leader with over 5+ years in education management, supervision, and adult education administration. 15+ years of experience teaching Spanish and English to adults and children Since 2011 I have been the director of THE LANGUAGE SCHOOL, a Colorado-based school that teaches adults conversational Spanish and English (ESL) so students can finally speak the new language enabling them to become more competitive in the workforce. Because of this, our students are able to get high-quality jobs and employers can better retain their skilled workers in culturally diverse settings.

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