Corporate Services

Corporate Section Intro

The Language School offers highly effective conversational classes and cross-cultural training so that you can help your employees speak another language, which will translate into an opportunity to expand your customer base, geographic reach and overall income.

Our school affords you and your employees the opportunity to learn a second language based on the needs of your business.  Also our flexibility allows us to meet your scheduling and location needs. Classes range from beginner level to advanced/professional.

We offer competitive prices based on desired class size, while also providing you and your employees with an excellent industry specific curriculum.

A Different Way Of Learning

  • Each class focuses on practical learning within your specific industry: we will teach your employees what they really need to know
  • We create a conversational classroom environment that fosters accelerated speaking ability
  • We are results-driven, and use proven teaching techniques that allow your employees to learn quickly
  • We emphasize small group sessions to create a warm and dynamic atmosphere for language learning

Class Offerings

  • Group Classes Onsite: We will go to your office to teach a group
  • Group Classes Offsite: Your employees can also come to our school for group study
  • Executive Individual Class: One-on-one classes where our teachers come to you when you have time

Support Services

Beside our regular language classes, we offer an array of services to further your business.

  • International Business Consulting: The support and training you need to succeed in another language and culture, including coaching for negotiations, public speaking or interviews
    • Translation: Documents including contracts, employee handbooks, policies, procedures, etc.
    • Interpretation: When information is critical, we will conduct live oral interpretation during meetings held in a foreign language

Our Team

Our staff comes from diverse personal and career backgrounds.  Therefore, we boast the tools to teach a second language and culture in areas such as business, health and social services, marketing, finance, education, tourism and government, all the while placing special emphasis on foreign cultures.  Click here if you want to meet them. (It should link to Our Teachers under About Us)

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5116 Deephaven Ct, Denver, CO 80239

Phone: (720) 634-2589