Career Services

Introducing Career Services by The Language School


  • When English students or Spanish students get an opportunity to practice their new language at work, their confidence increases dramatically, and so does their success with the new language. 
  • Businesses that employ language students get brownie points with their customers and show tremendous goodwill in the community.
  • The Language School helps match our language students with high paying job opportunities that encourage them to use their new language and communication skills.  It’s a win-win situation for the community when this happens, and The Language School can make that happen for you, connecting employers to bilingual Spanish-English speaking candidates in the NE Denver community.

Over the years we have become one of NE Denver’s most prominent institutions for learning how to speak a new language, such as Spanish and English. These new and improved communication skills are extremely valuable to employees and employers alike.

Finding jobs is frustrating for candidates, and filling open positions is challenging for hiring managers. The Language School is in a very unique position to connect employers to employees, especially when language, culture, and communication barriers are at play.

Why list your bilingual Spanish-English jobs with The Language School?

Since 2012 we have served almost 8,000 Spanish-English speaking bilingual students and are currently generating almost 200 new prospective students every month.

Benefits for employers

Benefits for job seekers

Easily find candidates that are:

  • Bilingual
  • Local
  • Qualified
  • Recommended
  • Dedicated
  • Long-term

Find jobs that are:

  • Bilingual
  • Local
  • Interesting
  • High Paying
  • Careers
  • Opportunities

We have the candidates you are looking for!   

Listing your employment opportunities with The Language School gives you instant visibility to a very large pool of bilingual and qualified candidates that are local to NE Denver.  As students that have gone through the long-term process of learning a new language, they are much more likely to be dedicated employees that stay with your firm longer than others.

All of our employers will get the following:

  • 1 Sponsored email to our Students
  • 1 Dedicated email to our Students recommending your company
  • 1 Mention of appreciation during our classes and your logo featured in a presentation
  • 1 Mention during our weekly radio show on 1150 AM
  • 1 Share on our Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • 1 Lifetime Ad in one of our language books

Depending on your level of commitment, we will also distribute 25-100 books and scholarships to our students on your behalf.

Not only will our students see your jobs, but you will also be helping to further their studies and be adding great value to our communities.

Denver is truly a bilingual city. Only 50% of residents speak English as their native language, while 30% speak Spanish as their primary means of communication. The remaining 20% is split across languages such as Vietnamese, Arabic, French, and a variety of other African and Asian languages.

This has stressed our communities, as basic communication skills are not guaranteed between employees, employers, and customers.   The Language School is providing an extremely valuable service by teaching adults conversational skills in English and Spanish so ther can speak with confidence while at work and in the community.

As the next step in our commitment to helping our students learn the language they are studying, we are currently developing relationships with companies in the Denver metro area that would benefit from being able to advertise their job opportunities, products, or services to this unique group of students. Working with your business is of great interest to our students and us as we aim to connect employers to highly qualified candidates.

Do you have job opportunities for our students, or would you be interested in advertising your services to them? If so, we would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and tell you more about this program.




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