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5 Pasos Sencillos Para Hablar Inglés
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Cómo Poder Conversar en 3 Meses o Menos

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Over the last 20 years or so, I’ve seen our education systems get worse and worse. We keep cutting funding, and we keep asking teachers to do more with less. The only reason why I was able to start The Language School in the first place was the absolute failure of our schools to recognize that there are better ways to teach languages, through conversation. Very recently, the superintendent of Denver Public Schools attempted to close 10 schools in the district because of falling enrollment. Instead of trying to understand why enrollment is falling, and fix the real problem, he wanted to just close the schools to save money. This is the absolute wrong approach. Enrollment is falling because the schools are cutting corners. Budgets are shrinking, class sizes are getting larger, and they’re constantly defunding programs related to art, PE, etc. On top of that, our DPS teachers are some of the lowest paid teachers in the country. Colorado is ranked 42 out of 50 states in terms of spending on education per pupil. Good education is the absolute most important thing in the world, and I can’t keep watching my city make poor decisions and cut funding for education. I want Denver to have world class schools from the cradle to the grave, and running for Mayor of Denver in 2023 will give me a platform for discussing these critically important issues. It’s time to put education first. Let’s do this!

How to get involved

I don’t believe politics and money should be involved with each other, and I will run a completely money free campaign, relying on social media and volunteers. I’d much rather people donate money to the homeless instead of politicians. If you can relate to what I’m saying here, follow me on social media. If you agree that education is the primary component of a safe, prosperous society, follow me on social media. If you want to put education first so that Denver can become a happy and stress-free city, follow me on social media.

5116 Deephaven Ct, Denver, CO 80239

Teléfono: (720) 634-2589

Correo electrónico: info@thelanguageschool.us