How I became a best selling Author Spanish Language Instruction Books

I published my first book on Amazon in 2013, almost 9 years ago.  I wish the title of this story were true, but sadly, 20 books and 9 years later, I haven’t had much success in terms of selling my books.

Well, that is all going to change soon.  Earlier this year, after some intense promoting of a book, I actually spent a day on Amazon’s top 100 list of travel phrasebooks at position #10, but sadly, that’s already fallen way behind.

Undeterred, I’m still at it, but this time laser focused on succeeding.  My current goal is to make it to Amazon’s #1 spot for my book, 5 Easy Steps to Speak Spanish with Confidence.

I actually started this project last October, during the fall of 2020.  That was the day I made it my goal to put my weight behind selling this book and this book alone, and then for whatever reason, I got off track.  

I’ve never been able to focus on selling my books, which is probably why I’ve never had any success here.  When I do think about selling them, I can’t seem to focus.  I’ve created hundreds of business and marketing plans in the past, but I just can’t seem to do it for my books.

So I did something completely different, and I hired someone on to create a plan for me.  This was my first investment into this venture, and for $84 and a few days of patience, I was given a full on marketing plan for my book.

So I printed it, started reading it… and then it got buried under a pile of other important papers on my desk, and I forgot about it.

A year later, I remembered it, and have finally started working on the execution of it!

Before I get into what I have done on the project so far, let’s check in on where I am.  I’m currently at position #3,457 in Spanish Language Instruction on Amazon.  Yesterday I was at #3,372.  So I’m going the wrong way.

Well, it’s just one day of putting my full concentration into this, so let’s see where we get by the end of the month.  My goal is to hit #1 by Sep 30, 2021, which is just 22 days away!  Here’s what I’ve done so far:






Marketing Plan


So far so good, but it seems odd that it is missing anything about reviews.


Book Trailer


It’s ok, I had to do it.


Car Magnet


It’s getting scanned.


Kindle eBook Formatting


Again, necessary.  Should have been half the price, but I accidentally hired two people!


Social Media


Not a good experience, this guy completely missed the mark on making things specific to the book.  Lesson learned, you have to try a few people until you get it right sometimes.


Email Sales Copy




Social Media




Book description copy




Book Description




Press Release



Well, I can’t wait to see the results tomorrow!

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