Language Opportunities

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Learn a New Language in Denver

List of Languages Offered at The Language School

Our Spanish classes get you, your clients, or your employees where they need to be in order to interact in everyday situations with Spanish speakers.
English (ESL)
Learn the English you need to succeed in the United States.
French (Coming Soon!)
French, the official language of love!  Prepare for your next trip to Paris and have fun while doing it.
Italian (Coming Soon!)
Italian is one of the most historically popular and influential languages in the world.
Portuguese (Coming Soon!)
Our curriculum focuses on practical results which lead to immediate impact in your day-to-day life.
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Top Benefits of Learning a New Language!

There are so many good reasons why you should learn how to speak a new language.  Here are some of our favorites!  By learning a new language you can….

  1. Make more money
  2. Make your brain bigger
  3. Make more friends
  4. Become more interesting
  5. Have fun
  6. Travel to new countries
  7. Accomplish a goal
  8. Connect with your community
  9. Connect with your heritage
  10. Start a new romance
Group classes

Our conversational classroom style creates a warm and dynamic atmosphere for language learning.  Here, we concentrate on practical learning:  we teach you what you really need. You will never be in a group with more than 8 students.


Private Lessons
Would you like something a little more personal and tailored to your needs?  Look no further! Private classes are a powerful way to learn English, French, Spanish, or Italian, as the learning is done on your terms.  Everyone learns at different paces and has different reasons why they are studying.  For people that have very specific goals, timelines or want to be flexible with their studies, private language classes are the best option.
  • Get 100% of the teacher’s attention
  • Learn at your pace
  • Cover your specific goals
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5116 Deephaven Ct, Denver, CO 80239

Phone: (720) 634-2589