New Year Promotions

To help you accomplish your New Year’s Resolution of becoming fluent in a new language, we are excited to offer you a huge discount on the 1 Year Fluency Package!  From now until January 21st, you can get an entire year of Spanish or English classes for only $1,000, which is a savings of over $2,600!

As a special bonus, we will also give you the following gifts for signing up for the full year:

  • 1 Free copy of 5 Easy Steps to Speak Spanish with Confidence
  • 1 Free copy of Let’s Start Talking: A bilingual book for English and Spanish students! 
  • 1 $150 gift certificate to give to a friend or family member
  • Access to 4 hours of weekly language exchanges to practice with native speakers
  • Access to 1 hour of weekly tutoring


1 Year

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