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Thanks for your interest in learning Spanish with us here at The Language School! Let’s Start Talking! Spanish Foundations 1 is the best level for you to start if you fall into one of these categories:
  • You have never studied Spanish before
  • You took some Spanish in high school or college, but it’s been a while
  • You have been trying to do some self-study online or through an app, but don’t have any real confidence when it comes to speaking
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Let’s Start Talking!  Spanish Foundations 1 is the first Spanish course in a series of conversational Spanish classes created by The Language School.  This course is designed to help adults start speaking Spanish

  • at work
  • in their local communities
  • while traveling in the Spanish speaking world (including Latin America, the United States, and Spain)

Once you complete this course, you will have a solid foundation in Spanish.  Your new conversational skills in Spanish will include being able to introduce yourself in Spanish, being able to order food in restaurants and go shopping for necessities.  Finally, you will know how to start having simple conversations in Spanish with native Spanish speakers.


Key Spanish conversational and cultural skills will be:Conversation, so Let’s Start Talking! On top of basic conversational skills, students will learn cultural and historical lessons that will help prepare them for interacting with Spanish speaking people locally and abroad. These are the top conversational skills you will learn to prepare you for real-life situations with Spanish speakers:

  • Spanish greetings and how to formally introduce yourself to someone in Spanish
  • Conversation starters that are culturally correct so you can start making friends and practicing with native Spanish speakers
  • Survival Spanish so you can order food and buy things in Spanish speaking countries and neighborhoods close to home

Here are some of the various aspects of Spanish Arts, Culture, and History you will learn about in this first course:

Spanish Music:

  • Salsa with Celia Cruz
  • Boléro with Los Tres Reyes

We’ll also take you on a tour of the Spanish speaking world, including interesting information about the Spanish language and culture of:

  • The United States
  • Mexico
  • Cuba
  • Argentina


Of course, our conversational programs are backed by grammar, so here are the main Spanish grammar skills you will take away in this level, and some of the differences between English and Spanish:

  • Me gusta/Te Gusta – I like/You like
  • Sentence structure
    • Articles
    • Nouns
    • Adjectives
    • Masculine vs. feminine
    • Singular vs. Plural
  • Regular verbs in the present tense (AR, ER, IR)
    • Asking questions and answering both positively and negatively
  • Numbers (0-100)
  • Spelling and the alphabet

Free Resources

1.) Quizlet

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3.) Recordings of classes on YouTube:

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4.) Study Tips for Learning How to Speak Spanish eBook

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5.) 5 Easy Steps to Speak Spanish with Confidence Email Workshop:

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6.) Meetups to practice and find a conversation partner

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