How to Enroll

Thanks for your interest in learning Spanish or English with us at The Language School!

Are you ready to finally start speaking your new language with CONFIDENCE? Let’s Start Talking!

There are many options to consider when it comes to learning a new language, so we have created this simple process to help you enroll online:

Step 1 – Watch this video – What are conversation classes?

Please make sure to spend about 15 minutes watch this entire video so you can learn the differences between our conversation classes and the majority of traditional language programs that are out there:

Step 2: Click here to schedule an introductory lesson for $50*:

*MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If for any reason you don’t believe that this introductory class was worth the $50 that you paid, we will refund your money!

Step 2: Schedule an introductory lesson

This covers the following:

  1. Application Fee
  2. Evaluation to determine the best class for you to start
  3. A 1-hour private lesson to confirm the level is right for you and to show you how powerful our “Let’s Start Talking” methodology really is
  4. A Study Plan that we will create together based on your budget, current level, your goals, and your availability

If you like the conversational lesson, then we can get you registered for the right course.

To schedule your private lesson, click here:

Step 2: Schedule an introductory lesson

If you’re not sure if The Language School is right for you, here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions:

How much do the classes cost?

We teach students Monday – Thursday, from 8 am to 4 pm, and we’re totally flexible on the price, so let’s not make that an issue.

If you are serious about learning, and can make this your top priority, we don’t want money to be the barrier to you becoming fluent in Spanish or English! With us you can pay what you can, when you can!

For now, I want you to focus on the difference with our conversational classes and the other ways to study Spanish.

These are your options to learn a new language with a short break down of what you will get in 1 year of study:

  1. Free with Duolingo – you get what you pay for.  Duolingo will give you a lot of vocabulary, and it’s fun and engaging, but you won’t make real progress.  You will never learn how to speak a new language by using an app.  Most students I work with that have used Duolingo or some other app like this for at least a year usually have to start in my first or second level.
  1. Non-Profit/Community Organization – Free (or a very low cost)  There are an abundance of these organizations for ESL classes, but very few for Spanish.  While these sound good in theory, they tend to make the learning experience extremely difficult.  First, most of these organizations rely on volunteers to teach the classes.  Unless you are incredibly lucky, this means you are not working with a real teacher that has any training or experience.  These volunteers are usually mono-lingual, elderly, and are just doing something to fill up their free time.  They tend to work with large groups of people that have different levels, and the format is rather open with no structured curriculum.   Most students stop attending classes within 2 weeks, and the remaining students that continue have very poor results.  This leaves a bad impression on students, and instead of learning the new language, they leave the class frustrated and feeling hopeless.
  1. Community College – $21/hour plus fees and books – After 1 year of a program like this, you will probably develop some decent reading and writing skills, and have a fairly advanced understanding of the grammar, but you won’t have any real conversational skills.
  1. University – $45/hour plus fees and books – There isn’t much difference here with the community college route, it will just cost you much more money.
  1. The Language School – $20 – $100/hour – In 1 year, you will be fully conversational in most of your daily interactions with people and have an intermediate level of grammar.  The Language School is the only option that provides true conversational classes, and is the only option that will enable you to become conversationally fluent in this amount of time.  For the results our students achieve, this is an incredibly powerful and reasonably priced program.

So do you want to “play with Spanish” on an app?  Do you want to help volunteers spend their free time?  Do you want to study Spanish grammar in an academic Spanish program?

Or do you want to start speaking Spanish with confidence at work, in your community, and during your travels?

The Language School is not the least expensive option, and it’s not the most expensive option, but it is the only option that will give you the ability to really speak Spanish with confidence!

For the quality of instruction and the results that our classes produce, the prices of our language classes are extremely reasonable.

You can see a list of all of our pricing options here.

How do I know what level is right for me?

Once you make a payment, you can schedule an hour with one of our language experts to create a study plan together.  If you speak a little bit of the language you want to learn, you will start by doing an evaluation to determine the right level for you, and then you will be enrolled in an appropriate level class.

How many students participate in class?

We work with really small group classes and we also offer private 1-1 lessons.  Our group classes have 4 students in a class on average, and we never allow more than 8 students to participate at a time so that everyone gets a lot of personalized attention and time to talk!

When are the classes?

We offer classes every day of the week, from Monday through Sunday.  We can start as early as 8 AM and the last class finishes at 8:30 PM, so no matter what your schedule is, we should be able to work with you.

When do classes start?

Class start dates depend on your current level, so to get a precise answer, you will need to schedule a time to visit our school and take an evaluation.

For true beginners, The Language School starts new Foundations 1 classes during the first week of every month.  We typically have a morning, an evening, and a weekend option available.

If you don’t need to start from the beginning, then we start by doing an evaluation to determine your current level.  For all levels besides our Foundations 1, we have open enrollment.  This means that once we place you into the correct level, you can start immediately.

How long does it take to become fluent?

This is, of course, the question that everyone has but one of the hardest questions to answer.  So much of learning how to speak a new language depends on your personal circumstances.  For example:

  1. How much exposure do you have to the new language?
  2. How bold are you, or how willing are you to step outside of your comfort zone?
  3. Are you very studious and committed?
  4. What is motivating you to learn a new language?
  5. What is your current level?
  6. What are your socioeconomic and educational backgrounds like?
  7. When was the last time you studied something seriously?

First, we have to define what fluency is.  Fluency is really the ability to think in the new language without having to translate in your head.  It doesn’t mean by any means having mastered the language.    Here is a good timeline that might help you think about studying here at The Language School:

For new language learners:

  • 1 month to be able to introduce yourself and make simple purchases
  • 3 months to start speaking with confidence in informal situations
  • 6 months to start integrating into the new culture
  • 1 year to speak fluently and be able to live/work comfortably

For intermediate students

  • 1 month to start recognizing errors and fixing bad habits
  • 3 months to increase your confidence
  • 6 months to start having really complex or hypothetical conversations with people
  • 1 + years to master the language, work in a professional career, or become a translator/interpreter

Can The Language School help me with a student visa?

The short answer is no.

There is a lot of confusion about the student visa program and if it is even necessary.  Most of the prospective students that inquire do not have a real need to apply for a student visa, and therefore can study at The Language School with or without a visa.  We do not request any form of documentation from our students, and our primary goal is to help people feel more comfortable while speaking English and navigating the American culture, regardless of their legal, citizenship, or visa status.  All are welcome to study at The Language School!

Typically, you only need a student visa to study for an extended period of time in a for-credit academic institution, like a college or a university.  The only real reason that you would need to apply for a student visa is if you are looking to study English as part of a college or university program and need the credit hours to apply to your academic studies as required by your degree or academic certificate.

Studying at The Language School would be considered “recreational study” according to the US State Department, as we do not issue college credit or transcripts.  What that means is that if you are here in Denver, regardless of your visa status, you can study at The Language School.For more information on the student visa, please visit the official US Department of State website here:

If you still aren’t sure, you can pay for 1 private lesson here for $70.  During this time, your instructor can also do an evaluation and go over class schedules with you before paying for one of our regular packages.

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