How to evaluate a language school

With so much interaction between Spanish and English speaking countries and people,  and so many good incentives to learn new languages like Spanish and English, you would think that it should be pretty easy to find a school and learn how to speak these languages.  After all, it is now a requirement to study a new language for two years in most high schools and colleges.

Wrong – most Spanish and English schools and programs do not focus on teaching students how to speak the languages, but rather on grammar. They either go too fast or too slow. Frequently students feel overwhelmed or they get bored.

So why is this important? Languages are vast subjects that practically have no limits to them, and finding a good program will be the difference in becoming fluent or giving up.

In our book “5 Easy Steps To Speak Spanish With Confidence”, we teach you how to evaluate language programs to find the one that will work the best for you.  Here you can get easy step #3 for free!

Download this worksheet to learn how to evaluate a language program:

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