Preparing for your first class

Are you excited for your class?  We can’t wait to get started with you!  Here you can find some information to help you get started.

The Language School has been rated as Denver’s top school to learn a new language.  Since 2007 we have helped thousands of people learn how to speak a new language and The Language School promises to do the same for you! The only way to learn how to speak a new language is to speak it, and because of this, The Language School limits class participation to only 8 students. The following information is to ensure your success at our school, a great experience, and more importantly, that you learn how to speak a new language!

We are located in Central Park. Here is our address:

5984 North Geneva St.
Denver, CO 80238

Please give us a call if you have any questions:

(720) 634-2589.

You will get your class materials are included in what you paid when you enrolled.  You can get them when you arrive, or you can pick them up in advance.

Make sure to arrive on time or a little early. For best results, you should have the following items, which we also sell here.  You can buy these in advance or when you arrive:

Spanish/English Dictionary – $20 Notebook – $5 Flashcards – $3

If you have a friend that signs up for a class, you and your friend will both get a 5% discount on the next class! There is no limit to this, so keep referring The Language School and you will get even more discounts!

If you need to miss a class please inform your teacher.

We offer a strong discount of 25% towards private lessons if you are enrolled in a group class so you can afford to get the help that you need! We strongly suggest augmenting your studies with private lessons so you can learn customized vocabulary, get answers to your questions, or simply practice speaking more.

If 6 inches of snow or more is predicted, classes will be cancelled and the appropriate discounts will be applied towards your next month of tuition. We don’t want anyone taking a chance and driving in bad weather. If you have any questions regarding class cancellations, contact your teacher or check our Facebook page here:

Learning a new language should be fun and easy, but it also takes a commitment to studying, practicing, and more importantly, time. You should also have realistic expectations. Students typically notice results in 6 month-increments, so plan on being here at least that long. Your teacher will assign homework as needed and give you study tips throughout your time here at The Language School to help you improve your conversational skills. Be prepared to study and do homework for at least 60 minutes between lessons.

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5116 Deephaven Ct, Denver, CO 80239

Phone: (720) 634-2589