Study Tips For Learning How To Speak A New Language

Practice makes perfect!  Remember that the more you talk, study, and practice your new language, whether it be Spanish, English, or something else, the easier and faster it will be to master it. If you follow this advice, you will be able to achieve your goals with the new language very soon and you will start feeling more confident in your daily conversations, both at work and in your community.



Here is a sneak peak of what’s inside:

1.) Flashcards – Write all of your new vocabulary on one side of an index card with the translation in your native language on the other side. Review them at least ten minutes a day, switching from one side to the other.

2.) Practice speaking your new language whenever you can! You will be surprised by the opportunities you have to be with someone who speaks, no matter where in the world you are.

3.) Be patient, do not get frustrated. You have already learned to speak your first language, and therefore can learn to speak another language. Be patient, because just as with all new learning, learning a second language takes time.

4.) Work together with your classmates, your family, and your teachers. Consider getting a tutor to help you outside of class.  Everyone is here to help you, and it is important to develop a support network. Ask for advice and listen to the suggestions given.

5) Prioritize and plan. Make sure you know the due dates for homework and exams. If you have a tutor, give him or her your schedule.

6.) Get organized – Know where your class materials, books, and other resources you have for learning your new language are. Keep your place of study quiet and clean so you can concentrate on your studies.

7.) Write, read, and speak aloud. Many studies show that this combination helps you memorize new vocabulary and grammar rules faster.

8.) Do not procrastinate – you should try to do homework as soon as possible instead of waiting until the last moment.  Go to the library right after class!

9.) Talk to your teacher. Try to come early or stay after class to ask your instructor questions or find out how you are doing in class.

10.) Participate in class. Ask questions, answer them, and sit in the front row. Appearance is also important, so dress professionally and take learning seriously, as if you were at work.

 11.) Use the computers at The Language School. We have computers available with language learning software so you can practice outside of class.

 12.) Buy more Spanish or English books in order to practice more. The Language School sells very good and interesting books and can make a recommendation.

13.) Take 10 minutes to memorize 5 words during your breaks at work or any other free time you have daily. If done every day you will see that at the end of the week you will have many new words memorized.

14.) Watch the videos we have put on YouTube:

15.) Use cell phone applications. Download The Language School app at

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