Language Books for Teachers

Books for Conversation Clubs

Let’s Start Talking: A bilingual Book for English and Spanish Students!

This is a a must have resource for any Spanish or English student that is looking to improve his or her conversation skills.  Many schools and teachers from around the globe use this books to teach conversation classes, host conversation clubs, and run language exchanges between Spanish and English students.  It is a great way to break the ice and get your students talking, while building community and encouraging true integration.

Books for Teaching English Classes

Inglés: Fácil y Divertido Niveles 1 – 4

If you work with predominantly Spanish speakers and have a need to teach English from the beginning, this series is for you!  It focuses on teaching native Spanish speakers how to develop a solid foundation of the English language to prepare them for working and living in the United States.


Books for Teaching Spanish Classes

Let’s Start Talking:  Spanish

If you teach Spanish then this book will be great to use for your classes to help your students start speaking Spanish with confidence from day 1.

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